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Grace Little People

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33801 Van Dyke Avenue
Sterling Hgts, MI 48312
(14 Mile and Van Dyke)

Day Care Programs

6 Weeks to 18 Months

Infant Program Overview:

  • Jesus songs will be played or sung.
  • Children will look at picture books with the caregivers help.
  • Children have mirrors available to see their images and are able to touch their image in the mirror.
  • Children will be given tummy time every day to encourage them to roll over, play with their feet and eventually sit up.
  • Children will be encouraged to pick up toys within reach and manipulate objects with their hands and fingers.
  • Children will be helped to respond to their names.

Toddler 1
18 Months to 30 Months

Toddler 1 Program Overview:

  • Recognize Jesus' name.
  • Say and repeat simple prayers.
  • Learn basic Bible stories.
  • Explore age appropriate picture books.
  • Role play using their own imagination with dress up clothes, housekeeping area and other creative play activites.
  • Explore their senses with sand and water play activities.
  • Exercise small motor skills by doing large piece puzzles.
  • Explore art and music on a daily basis.
  • Manipulate stacking toys and blocks.
  • Learn how to safely throw / catch a ball.

Toddler 2
30 Months to 3 Years 11 Months

Toddler 2 Program Overview:

  • Sing along to Jesus Songs.
  • Learn basic Bible stories.
  • Explore art with crayons, paint, and glue on a daily basis.
  • Practice using scissors.
  • Role play using their imaginations with dress up / tools / medical kits / housekeeping.
  • Practice writing letters.
  • Learn about days of the week.
  • Observe daily weather and learn how to chart.
  • Shape / color recognition.
  • Large motor exercise.

4 to 5+Years

Preschool Program Overview:

  • Jesus Time - children will learn about God and the world He made.
  • Music Appreciation - children will have music time with action songs, musical intruments and rhythm activities.
  • Listening / Comprehension / Reading Skills - children will enjoy circle time daily where they will learn basic skills such as days of the week, months of the year, weather, counting and alphabet skills.
  • Reading / Writing skills - children will learn about letters, their shapes and sounds. They will have activities to help them learn the alphabet in order.
  • Sorting / Counting Skills - Children will be able to identify numbers
    1 - 10.
  • Science Skills - Children will be involved in activities that help them learn their five senses; colors and how to create new colors.
  • Social Studies Skills - Children will learn about the world God created for them. They will learn different cultures as well as their own community and neighborhood.
  • Art Skills - Children will be able to use different mediums like paint, play dough, glue, chalk, etc. to develop their creative expression. 

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